The creative impulse is profoundly human.  To make an impression without leaving a trace is profoundly inspiring.  The JOHNHOUSHMAND collection of sculptural furniture, objects and architectural features are designed to be at once modern expressions of natural splendor and sustainable responses to a lifestyle of luxury.

Each piece is handcrafted from materials whose aura and history is captured, preserved and transformed.  We are not satisfied with the conventional dichotomy between natural and industrial: we pull from both sides of the equation.  Our most valuable natural resources are inspiration and ingenuity.  The rich colors and textures of natural materials are contrasted in our work with the clean lines of metals, acrylic and glass. Geometric intervention through cutting and folding reveals the secret lives within this union of realms.

We are a small, intense group of creative people dedicated to the challenge of seeking beauty in the hidden and unexpected. Our process is personal: we follow a tree’s journey from log to finished product, or stone’s passage from quarry to your home. Our clients are not just buying an object, but a history, and a new relationship with the vibrant and deeply powerful world of nature and matter.  We are certain the creative energy released from within by our vision, will captivate you as it has us.