Classical Feng Shui is the science of observing an environment and calculating its effect on the inhabitants who reside there. The components of Feng Shui that aid in this analysis include geography, architecture, mathematics, astronomy, and physics. In fact, the first schools of Feng Shui utilized the scientific method of observing phenomena, collecting data, creating theories, and calculating formulas. Feng Shui masters proved their theories through replication. They watched how an environment would mirror the successes and failures of the person the home. For example, if a homeowner lived in a house that faced a certain direction and not only did he die, but all subsequent owners also passed on, a Feng Shui master would have to use his knowledge and expertise to figure out why that house seems to be a deathtrap. After all, when given a choice, people would prefer to live in a house with human harmony. And so, Feng Shui masters evolved to take care of the needs of the many who were in suffering in China.