Feng Shui philosophy has created the perfect balance and harmony of my life. It’s is fascinating that by using 5 simple elements you will start a journey to serenity.

Hinojosa Design Studio

Hinojosa Design is a Miami-based interior design firm led by acclaimed designer Carola Hinojosa. The idea of luxury has a lot to do with simplicity and its power. Clean lines and a neutral palette, accompanied by art pieces, are fundamental to the design of every project. Carola believes in working with honest materials because their authenticity and imperfections allows the projects to express its own beauty and soul. Carola's spaces always try to achieve a timeless design: “I think my design aesthetic is more a way of thinking a lifestyle than a specific style of decoration. Serenity and comfort, through the use of symmetry and proportion, are my ultimate goal.” Carola began her career 30 years ago in her native country of Bolivia. Before moving to Miami, she owned the country’s finest interior and architectural design firm. Her exclusive list of clients include residential estates, foreign embassies, country clubs, and hotels.