Within the study of Classical Feng Shui, there are two essential fundamentals that can shift the energy of an environment: mountain and water.  Water is the most powerful element that can easily be brought into a home.  Classical Feng Shui Masters determine the amount and the flow of water required to properly activate various supportive energies within certain sectors of a property.  Off-the- shelf fountains either do not activate these energies correctly or they result in no change whatsoever.  Therefore, many people resort to creating home-made water fountains that look like eyesores in order to comply with the Feng Shui recommendations for their homes.

The need for water fountains with correct design inspired me to help JOHNHOUSHMAND and Hinojosa Design Studio create these works.

Angel De Para and Earth Luck International

The founder and chairman of Earth Luck International, Angel de Para is classically trained by many world renown masters of Feng Shui. He has studied all over the world including but not limited to Taiwan, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia under the tutelage of Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai. He was named best student of the prestigious Yap Cheng Hai Feng Shui Center of Excellence in 2001 among the elite of the school’s graduating class.

A man of science, Angel de Para began his career not in the art of Authentic Feng Shui – but rather in the technology of aviation. He is professionally trained and FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) certified in the physics of aviation. He successfully owned and operated ADP Aviation Incorporated for twelve years. His clients included numerous FAA contracts and commercial airlines. As Angel began to practice Feng Shui, he saw incredible results in his client’s lives and businesses. His own Feng Shui business grew at such a rapid pace that he was forced to make a choice between his aviation career and his career as a Feng Shui Consultant. With Feng Shui he could follow his passion for mathematical applications as well as fulfill his dedication to the prosperity of his clients - thus Feng Shui became his sole profession.

Angel de Para’s fame continued to quickly escalate and he was selected as a Professional Trainer for the Yap Cheng Hai Center of Excellence as well as their United States and South American Representative. For years, Angel personally hosted numerous seminars for the school’s principals Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai and Joey Yap and hence, contributed to opening doors for them in the United States.

His growing popularity is nurtured by his unique talents and uncanny ability to forecast the future of a person, business or property. Angel’s accuracy is unlike any other’s in his precision and ability to analyze a situation and interpret the appropriate formulas of Feng Shui necessary to achieve optimal results for his clients, i.e. individuals, corporations and land developers, etc.

The once student of the year has become the teacher and Master of his once piers, other well-known Feng Shui Masters, graduates and instructors of other school’s mastery courses as well as other Feng Shui professionals currently in business. Among his students are nationals of the United Kingdom, Asia, Thailand, Hong Kong, France, Greece, Germany, Spain, Surinam, Mexico, numerous South and Central American countries and Canada. As an International Feng Shui consultant, Angel has designed hundreds of homes, numerous large land developments, high rise buildings and multi-million dollar projects; he has re-designed restaurants and corporations for numerous prominent developers throughout the United States as well as Asia, Mexico, South America, Central America and the Caribbean.

While other self proclaimed Feng Shui Masters are busy publicizing their highly commercialized westernized “new age” Feng Shui, Angel is consulting and performing audits for individuals such as Grand Ministers of countries, ex- congressmen and other countries’ governmental authority figures - emphasizing his character and the impenetrable confidentiality that he offers all his clients, be it prominent business leaders, public officials, celebrities or any one who just needs his help. All trust Angel for his expertise and compassion. Discovering the hidden truths that lie in the ancient texts of the Feng Shui masters is what drives Angel to constantly explore the Classic Feng Shui theories for new patterns that ultimately enable him to better serve his clients diverse needs. A devout Buddhist and recognized reincarnated Lama - thorough, sensitive and conscientious, Angel de Para is as modest as he is talented.